Annual Maintenance of the Eccentric Press Thu 30.4. 10.00

On Mayday Eve, it is time to perform the annual maintenance of the Eccentric Press. Due to stricter maintenance regulations, VTK is piloting a remote maintenance system for the eccentric press, which allows you to monitor the progress of maintenance safely from your own home work station. So gather the maintenance supplies of your choice at your station and contact your old or new VTK colleagues. The video broadcast will begin at 10 a.m. and will be released later at the event’s Facebook page.

You also have the option to order the 2020 token to for yourself, so that your token collection is not short for this year. You can order the token via the following link:

After the service, you can tune in to the Declaration of May Day Madness broadcast from 12 noon.

Event on Facebook.

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Karri Pönni