VTK Recruitment of the Board 2024

It’s that time of the year again when the board of the Production Engineering Students is being assembled for the coming year. The club’s board and officials run VTK’s activities, organizing events, e.g. excursions, sauna evenings as well as the annual ball and Epäkesko annual maintenance. In addition to this, the club’s good relations with industry are maintained. Are you the operator we need for the upcoming year? Fill out the form and share your interest in implementing the best club activities for next year.

Note! Filling out the form is not yet binding towards the available positions. You will still be contacted regarding your answers before the autumn meeting. Even at the autumn meeting, you can still run for office, even if you haven’t filled out the form.

The new board and officials will be elected at VTK’s autumn meeting, which will be held on November 23rd, 2023. We will also arrange recruitment evening, where the members can learn more about different positions. There will be more information about this later.

Application form: VTK Recruitment of the Board 2024

Additional information:
Karri Pönni
Chairman |  Aalto University Production Engineering Students VTK
Telegram: @karriponni
+358 503725538 | karri.ponni@aalto.fi